Documents for Placement Sites



Here you can find the current newsletters as well as those from previous years. For suggestions and inquiries, we are always at your service. Feel free to contact our hotline or our placement officer.



  • 2021

    The end-of-year newsletter containing information about the website, the exchange meeting, and COVID challenges.

    December 2021

  • 2022

    The newsletter from May with information about quarantine requirements and seminar events.

    May 2022


    The newsletter from December with the annual review, results of our survey on the volunteers' placement, an overview of our information platforms, and the current seminar concept.

    December 2022

  • 2023

    The newsletter from February containing information on how to handle the eAU (electronic certificate of incapacity for work) and the current results of the survey on the supervision of placement sites.

    February 2023


    The Newsletter from April containing all the information about the new word-image brand "Entdecke, was zählt," the new appearance of red cross voluntary services nationwide.

    April 2023

  • 2024

    Our january newsletter, which includes information about our standards of quality concerning framework, placement sites, reflections, learning objectives and cooperation between deployment sites and the voluntary service agency.

    January 2024


    Our newsleter published in april regarding new contatcts, the new homepage, technical support for the seminars, public relations and the invitation for our mentor-meeting.

    April 2024



If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our contact persons.


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  • Notification Questionnaires

    Please submit these to us if there have been any changes in the number of positions or other formalities related to voluntary service in your organization compared to the previous year.

    Questionnaire for Schools

    General Questionnaire 

  • Public Relations

    We are happy to assist you in raising awareness for your placement. Upon request, we can create press releases that you can share with local publications, for example.


    Additionally, we would be happy to send you posters and postcards that you can display locally. There are a few tips in the download section regarding this.

    Tips Regarding Posters


    Furthermore, we would be happy to feature you on our Instagram channel with a post that you can then share through your own channels. You can find some examples of such posts here (please note that the links lead to Instagram).

    Looking for Volunteer(s)Containing Quote

  • Manual

    In our manual, we have gathered all the important information about supporting voluntary service participants for you. From A to Z, including tips on the areas of deployment and details about our pedagogical concept

    Manual for Placement Sites

  • Vocational Certificate

    Volunteers in both the Voluntary Social Year and the Federal Voluntary Service are entitled to a qualified letter of recommendation. Here you will find the template, a brief guide with information about the certificate, and a sample certificate for your reference.

    How To: Certficate

    Template Certificate

    Sample Certificate

For Instructors

Here, we have provided you with some helpful documents for supporting the volunteers. Since the volunteers gain their first work experience during their voluntary service, both an appreciative exchange at the beginning and regular feedback discussions during their service can be beneficial for collaboration. If you would like assistance with the guidance of individual volunteers, please feel free to contact the respective educational referents directly. For general questions about guidance, legal requirements, and similar matters, you can also reach out to our hotline.



  • Orientation Phase

    For an overview, we have listed some important key points for the orientation phase here. These can provide orientation for you and the volunteers at the beginning of their service.


  • Feedback Methods

    During the voluntary service, regular reflection meetings between the supervisor and volunteers should take place. Here are some guiding questions that can be used for such discussions.

    Key Questions


    In order to be able to diversify the exchange in reflection meetings, we offer you some methods here. These can help you engage with the volunteers on various levels.

    Methods for Reflection


    Once a year, the self-perception and external perception questionnaire should be discussed together with the volunteers. Initially, you and the volunteer independently fill out a questionnaire. Afterwards, you compare the completed questionnaires side by side and discuss expectations, potentials, and achievements based on the similarities and differences. This allows for a joint discussion of successful and satisfying collaboration.